Attention Required !

Interaction with the people around you gets you to know much about life and the behavior, living and psyche of other people. If you want to make friends or wanting to start a conversation with the people around you, you have start it by yourself. People don't try to take interest in someone nor they pay attention. You have to start making friends by talking to people politely, with nice behavior. You have to pay attention to them and have to show that you are interested in them.

One of the most important features that human nature does have is love and what we as a human aspire most is commonly love and importance given to us. So if you want to be like-able, you have to like others, their daily routines, minor details of their day to day life. That way they feel an air of importance and your interest in them and almost most the time you get the return of the favor and you are able to have their attention their love their time as a result.

A very superb example shared By Dale in his book was of magician who knows human nature and manipulates it to gain the interest of people in him. his each move is focused on people even lifting of an eyebrow, he is interested in people and as result he becomes the master magician. The major trick up his sleeve is his interest in people and understanding of human nature.

There is no magic trick to win a persons time but your interest in him/her and understanding of their life and experience. Spend your time to know them and win back their precious time for yourself. That is what i have learnt so far.

I took the Interested Challenge as an assignment and it enlightened me that how quickly you can get the attention of people when you are interested in them. I approached a friend I was unable to contact for two years and he was really angry with me, at first he just tried to brush off questions, then I succeeded in getting his attention and he forgot his anger towards me and started to open up more and soon he was his normal self, same old jolly bloke.

I was particularly interested in his life, his past two years and as a result I won back his precious friendship. Similar experience occurred with two other people and i was happy that i was interested in them.

Good Luck, Taking interest in people.