#Just Start Project — Khudi and Self-learning

I have took to resume my preparation for PIEAS test for admissions in MS fellowship as my just start project. This program will allow me to get masters degree in Nuclear engineering from one of the very best Institute Pakistan has to offer and this will be a huge mile stone for me.

Pakistan is a nuclear power and its future is very much dependent on gaining more benefit from its nuclear resources in the form of clean energy. Nuclear energy is getting popular day by day and its the future because of the reliability and near zero emissions . The first commercial nuclear power stations started operation in the 1950s.

  • There are over 440 commercial nuclear power reactors operable in 31 countries, with over 390,000 MWe of total capacity. About 60 more reactors are under construction.
  • They provide over 11% of the world’s electricity as continuous, reliable base-load power, without carbon dioxide emissions.
  • 55 countries operate a total of about 245 research reactors, and a further 180 nuclear reactors power some 140 ships and submarines.

This is just a glimpse where Nuclear powers are focusing their interests. So Pakistan also started a number of project for clean energy generation and PAEC is the authority to over look and manage these projects.

PAEC recruits graduates through it fellowship program. Selected candidates are Trained and taught by PIEAS. They are enrolled in Master programs and after the completion of degree a fellow is able to serve Pakistan.

The point of mentioning all of this is that I took the exam and I failed to get an interview call from PIEAS selection panel . So it was evident that the post I was very passionate about, I let it slip and failed miserably. This year I had opportunity to start my preparations again and go in the my full effort to get where I want but I was afraid i would fail again . this feeling actually haunted me and I didn’t even tried to start preparing for the test let alone enroll for it.

So today I decided that I will take starting my preparations for Masters fellowship program in PIEAS and go in the full preparations to sit in the test and succeed to secure a seat for myself in the program. so I took out my books , brushed of the dust and started preliminary readings to laay the foundations for extensive preparation for the test. That,s how I can contribute towards the prosperity of my Country and the world.

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