12 Years a Hustler, Time to Go Home
Sheriff Shittu O.

Hello Sheriff, we have never met or had a conversation but I have followed your work and I must tell you that any entrepreneur that is serious about their hustle, whether they have succeeded or not have gone through or are going through what you are.

Like Gossy Ukanwoke said you have taken the first step to recovery and like Tayo Oviosu said you need to take a step back.

I recall a few years back, my partner and I had built one of our products to a truly successful point and we envisaged a pivot was inevitable and we made the transition and like you said, the product was not wrong, the execution was just flawed and we ended up having to let go a staff team of 9 people, some initiated a lawsuit action against us and I was ready for them.

In my mind, I was like how now? but while praying one morning with my partner about our business, we both heard it clearly in our spirits to pay them even though we were justified in our position, it was a painful decision but we did it and we are better for it.

Showroom.ng isn’t dead, you have learnt a couple of ways not to execute the idea. I believe strongly that whatever you set out to do next, you can be assured that this tribe that you belong to, will continually have your back

I wish you all the best, we are comrades in arms in this quest for a business that transforms lives on a global scale and you are not off the path, my brother, you just need to rest for a bit but not too long.

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