I am only one

But still I am one

I cannot do everything

But still I can do something

And because I cannot do anything

But I'll not refuse to do the something I can do.

Each and everyday, I always remind myself that there will be light after the tunnel.

Time and time again, I've told myself to overlook the struggles of today and look ahead to that future I desire that brings ease.

Constantly, I remind myself that I'm loved, and there's so much in store for me.

I am my number one motivator. When I seem to bow my head in shame, pain, and disappointment, I look up to the God of all strength who at every point shows up.

Now and forever, I'll do the something I can do and watch God's grace fish me out.

This is my Monday confession.

What's yours?




I am a beautiful personality of a beautiful country, it is not Nigeria. It's my world which I unconsciously control if I don't know.

I'm speechless to say how I've blown my mind, but thoughts are the basis of my action which births out the realities of my multiverse.

Slow progress is still progress. Every seconds, minutes, and hours, I strongly believe I'm evolving consistently. My worth of who I am in Christ is more important. It projects me!

It's a wonderful Sunday.

Saying positive about myself has always helped me in diverse ways!

Take time to celebrate yourself, write and say something about yourself regardless of whatever you are surrounded with.

You may not look like it, but you will someday if you don't stop...