Ten pairs of Plutonauts line up,shivering. They are about to be rewarded for their hardwork with vacation destinations. The vacwheel is brought forward and Alplu,the entire overseer of Pluto spins the Vacwheel. The wheel rotates then stops. It then spins in the opposite direction and finally stops. The names of the ten pairs appear on ten slots of the vacwheel. Exciments erupts. Moplu jecks in amazement as he looks at his spot. Gomi, who is Moplu’s best friend and vac peer leans over to take a closer look. She leaps with excitement and hugs Moplu. ‘we are going to earth!’ she says. ‘Earth’ Moplu exclaimes with a brodened smile. ‘I have always wanted to visit Earth and interract with terrans’. ‘wish no more’ Gomi says, as she drags Moplu by the arm. ‘lets go get ready for our adeventure’ she says. They both hurry back to their dome and prepare for their journey.

As Moplu and Gomi approach the plucraft that will transport them to planet earth, commander Alplu yells from behind.’ You both have a chilled time with those earthlings. Remember to transform to humanoid form once on planet earth so you don’t look like odd balls and….take some great selfies!!!’. They both laugh and wave as they ascend into the plucraft. The craft then levitates and wizzes off. The adventure kicks off.

‘So where is our first stop on earth?’ Moplu asks, smiling at Gomi. KABUM!! ‘what was that?’ Gomi asks looking stunned. ‘we just hit an asteroid and the craft has been badly damaged’ Moplu yells back. The craft starts rotating randomly and descends with great speed. They scream as the plucraft goes down. Suddenly the craft hits something, drops and rolls down a bridge. A man sees it afar off and chases after it to quench his curiousity. The Plucraft hits a tree,stops and drops. Moplu and Gomi breath in relief and pull themselves up. They check their current location and scream. ‘where is Spain?’ Moplu yells. Just then Gomi exclaimes ‘look!! we automatically transformed to our humanoid form. i think we are on earth’. The plucraft unlocks and the stairs descends. As Gomi and Moplu come out, they see a man staring at them with a smile on his face. ‘Hola amigos, welcome to Spain. My name is Alberto. where are you from?’ Gomi and Moplu look at each other and faint. The man runs off and comes back with two young chaps to help him carry the strangers to his house.

A few hours later. ‘Where are we’ screamed Gomi as the taps Moplu who is still dozing off. Alberto walks over to her with a basket of bread rolls and a keg of wine in his hands. He drops it and wakes Moplu up with a glass of water to the face. Moplu jumps up startled as Gomi laughs. ‘Even the terrans know that you are a terrible sleeper!’ she exclaims. They both laugh as Alberto gives them some bread and wine. Suddenly, as they drink the wine, they feel a rumble in their bellies and they start whinning. what have you done to us? screams Gomi. ‘And why is eveything outside taking different forms?’ yelled Moplu. ‘why is your face towards the ground and your legs towards the ceiling…what is earth shaped like a pyramid..what is happening to us?’ screams Gomi. ‘hahahhaaa!’ Alberto exclaimes. ‘ It must be the wine but…not to worry,you both will get use to it’. Gomi and Moplu look at each other,empty their cups,fall forward and doze off. Alberto laughs hard and says, ‘welcome to spain. But for now.. adios amigos’. He picks up the empty keg and walks away.