Professionals that Eat, Sleep, and Drink Football have voted/ selected the best player in every position on the field of play. From the Goalkeeper to the strikers, it is possible to argue for the selection of someone else in each position, however, it's best to argue with facts or valid points, the year under review is 2016, so on the average, it's rare to see people argue about the selection of Ronaldo and Messi.

So, straight to where the holes are, for me, Three players should not be on that list: Dani Alves, Iniesta & Pique.

You want to ask why?

In the year under review, 2016, they were not the best players in the position they play, their replacements? I want to make a case for Bellerin/ Carvajal, Ozil and Diego Godin/Koscienly.

If we are talking about the best right back or best attacking midfielder for the last 5 years, then the selction of Alves and Iniesta would be justified.

As long as it's about individual performances in 2016 alone, Ozil for example played better than Iniesta in 2016, it's easy for people to ask If Ozil won a trophy, well, to be the best Attacking Midfielder in the world for a calendar year, it's not Compulsory to win Trophies, if not, it would always be Real Madrid and Barcelona players that would dominate the FIF PRO world 11which makes it unfair for the rest.

OZIL was Mercurial for Germany at the Euros and he deserves to be on that list.

I will make a case for Paul Pogba as well, I feel he should be on the list, but there can't be room for everyone, hence, he is on the reserve list which I feel is okay.

And for Dani Alves, he is certainly no longer the best Right back in the world, the truth is, when something involves voting, it is easier for the most popular ones to dominate the list and in truth, we have people who would always vote with sentiments.

Dani carvajal of Real Madrid and Hector Bellerin are better right backs who had a better year, 2016 than Dani Alves.

Now for the centre Back position, certainly a Defender from Atletico Madrid deserved to be there, I go for Diego Godin in place of Pique and I would choose Koscienly ahead of Pique as well.

Koscienly had a good season with Arsenal who finished As Runners up in the Premier League, and was influential for France as they reached the Euro 2016 Finals.

And now to the more popular argument, how did Griezmann make the top 3 best players in the World and did not make the FIF PRO 11?

looking at it, the FIF PRO 11 had 3 strikers, and the nominees for the best player in the world are/were all strikers.

It would have been easier to explain if the FIF PRO 11 formation did not involve 3 Strikers.

Are we saying the third best player in the world is not in the starting 11 of the best players in the world?

On the Average, it does not add up to me as well, but I have no conclusion to draw from that.

Let’s remember that all I stated are my Personal Opinions and I do not work with FIFA, so its difficult for me to understand how all the selctions were made no matter the explanations they give, It’s one who works there that can understand all this things best.

Also, I am human and its only normal to speak along a line I know.

Jokotade Olumide Joseph

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