Chelsea Manager Antonio Conte has won the Premier League Manager of the month for the 3rd straight time, after claiming the award for December, a record achievement. He is the First Manager to do this.

Winning the Premier League Manager of the Month 3 times in a row does not guarantee the League title, but how much Premier League Experience does Conte have before he achieved this rare feat?

I want to X-Ray the story of a man who has Spent 20 Seasons and counting in the Premier League to drive home a point, that man is none other than ARSENE WENGER.

Arsene Wenger has won the Premier league trophy just 3 times(1997/1998 Season, 2001/2002 Season, 2003/2004 Season) in 20 years, when you put that side by side with a certain Jose Mourinho, who has won the Premier League 3 times as well(2004/2005 Season, 2005/2006 Season, 2014/2015 Season) in two different spells with Chelsea without spending up to 10 years in those spells, I begin to fear for the relevance of the ARSENE Wenger Premier league Experience.

Let me explain further, ARSENE Wenger won the Premier league in England in his early days and so did jose Mourinho, but how come with more years spent in England, Wenger has not been able to win the league since that 2003/2004 Season Triumph?

Jose Mourinho met Arsene Wenger in England, won two premier League titles in his early days as a Premier league Manager, left England to Coach in Italy and in Spain, and came back to England with Chelsea in a second Spell and still won the Premier League title right in front of the EXPERIENCED Arsene Wenger who never left England in that period.

Let's take a look at the Claudio Raineri Story, a man who was sacked as Manager of Chelsea in 2004, after 4 years in England, he went on to Coach in Italy and in Spain before returning to England with Leicester City in 2015 and led them to the league title in the 2015/2016 Seaoson, against all odds and without the galaxy of known stars and still right in front of the EXPERIENCED Arsene Wenger who did not leave England during the sack and the return of Claudio Raineri.

Looking at the above scenarios, not only did Arsene Wenger not leave England, he remained as Manager of the same Club, Arsenal throughout the sack and return of Both Jose Mourinho and Claudio Raineri.

Taking a look at the 2016/2017 Premier League Season and table, after more than half of the Season has gone, with 20 Matches played, the most EXPERIENCED Manager in the league's Club(Arsenal) is 8 points behind a team coached by a man in his first season In England, Conte and Chelsea.

Yes, there are bound to be changes on the League table, but is it not pathetic that a Manager with 20 years Premier League Experience and with good players in his squad Like Ozil and Alexis, can only find themselves in 5th position after 20 Matches played?

The Arsene Wenger Story proves that a certain Sir Alex Ferguson was not successful in England based on Experience alone, it takes grit, dedication, Hardwork, passion, determination, Focus and more to be a Successful Manager in England in terms of winning the Premier League Trophy.

when I look at the Wenger Story, and what other Managers have done in England, I feel people focus more on experience like it's the only Element needed to win the Premier Title and it should not be so, it is one of the least important elements.

Of what relevance is Arsene Wenger's Experinece if: 
Jose Mourinho can leave England and return to win the Premier league Title?

Claudio Raineri can leave England and return to win the Premier League Title?

Conte can join the Premier League and win Manager of the Month 3 times in a row, a feat Wenger has never Achieved in his first season and have his team Chelsea ahead of Arsenal with 8 points in January?

It is easier to win The Premier League Title in one's early days as a Premier league Manager with determination, the right players and the right club just like Jose Mourinho, Arsene Wenger and other Managers have done, but Experience alone is not good enough Quality for one to win the Premier league just like it is in the Arsene Wenger Story.


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