A dullard is one who knows nothing

A dullard is the opposite of a smart or intelligent person

Is it possible for one not to know anything?

I say a big No to that

In every class, there are students that come out tops in assignment, tests and examinations.

Just as there are students that perform poorly in assignment, tests and examinations.

The differences between those set of students are not that much, one major factor that makes one students perform better than the other is preparation.

“You are a dullard” is a common abusive word that parents and teachers call students that performs poorly in examinations, but, THIS SHOULD NOT BE SO.

There is no student that does not know anything.

Many factors Contributes to students Failing exams and begin a dullard is certainly not one of them.

Parent and teachers should refrain from calling students dullards because this has a negative psychological effect and impact on them.

It’s difficult for a student to see beyond beign a failure when he/she regularly gets called a dullard.

Every students has the potential to excel academically.

Students who fail exams are not dullard, they have only failed to prepare for the examinations properly.
Failing examinations is not the end of the world.

Failing examinations does not mean that the student has no value.

I want to encourage and motivate students who have been called dullards to RISE ABOVE THE NEGATIVE TAG.

Student that fail exams regularly can become excellent and top the class if they:

Prepare adequately for exams

Push and Rush

Pray until something Happens
Read until something happens
Ask questions in class

Attend classes regularly
Determine to become excellent students.

You are not a dullard because intelligence resides in you

You are not a dullard because there is a thin line between passing and Failing exams.
You are not a dullard, you may have failed exams repeatedly, but this is a result of doing things wrongly again and again

Ben carson was called a dullard by all his class mates but he rose above this negative tag and became a successful surgeon
there is brilliance inside of you, as a student, you need to find this brilliance, bring it out and use it to pass examinations and contribute positively

Important quote to be attached:

Learn from the Ben Carson story:

Ben Carson discovered through reading about accomplised people that he was in charge of his destiny.

“As I read those books, incredible things began to happen. I began to realize particularly, as I read about people of accomplishment and all kinds or fields, that the person who has the most to do with what happens to you in life is you. It’s not somebody else. It’s not the environment, and that was incredibly empowering to me and I stopped listening to all the people around me all the naysayers who talked about what couldn’t be done and I started thinking about what could be done and what a difference it made in my life”.

“Everybody learns in a different way” I personally don’t learn anything from boring lectures, but I learn a lot from reading.

People learn from lectures, some learn from discussion some learn from repetition others are very visual.

God has endowed us with these amazing brains, and we are made in the image of God = BEN CARSON