My Bootcamp Experience so far…(Home Study Day 3) #Andela

Finally, the last day of home study exercise has come but learning has not and will never stop, my passion is increasing rapidly. Now I can say the rate at which I learn is currently at per second basis because each seconds counts here at Andela boot camp.

Most people who have been here before always say the boot camp is very intensive, they are right because we get to exhibit strong Time management skill that we might not be sure we have in us before, for me I experience so much excitement when after meeting the 4:30pm deadline for submission.

Today’s exercise woke me up after like two hours sleep, I spent the early hours of this morning trying to understand how to create functions as prototype to Array Class in JavaScript while trying to solve the Binary search exercise. I read several online materials but did not get the syntax well. I must say the satisfaction I get when I get things right kept me going till I was able to eventually get the issue resolved. As this is the last day of the home study, I begin to reflect back on what I’ve accomplished for the past couple of days, all I can say is all praise be to GOD, because I’m really happy at my progress right now and I’m definitely sure I can still do better and I’m seriously working towards achieving that.

I’m really looking forward to collaborating with my team members to build something really nice and cool, to also gain from each of them and my Bootcamp Facilitator Assistant (BFA) and also looking forward to week two. Hmm! I can see myself becoming a world class developer already, so help me God. #TIA