Introducing One Page Exchange


One page Exchange homepage

One page exchange, from its name, is an exchange platform providing the highest possible form of simplicity in cryptocurrency exchange. It provides users with the means of exchanging their coins into other forms of coins. But, the only coin currently available for exchange is bitcoins. which can be converted into other crypto coins.

List of coins you can exchange to

  1. Cardano.
  2. Bitcoin cash.
  3. Bytecoin.
  4. Binance coin.
  5. Bitcoin gold.
  6. Dash.
  7. Dent.
  8. Ethereum.
  9. Litecoin.
  10. Ethereum classic.

And so much more.

How It Works

Step 1: Go to the website here. You don't need to register or login, Type in the amount of BTC you are exchanging. In the next box, select the preferred coins you want, from the list.

Step 2: paste your selected coin wallet address in the address box.

Step 3: Click on the Start Exchange button.

Step 4: Copy the deposit address given to you, and send the exact amount of coins, stated from step 1.

Then you wait for the transaction to be completed, You receive coins when the transaction is affirmed. The ideal opportunity for your transaction to get affirmed on the blockchain may fluctuate depending on the resource, blockchain clog, and charge paid.


I think this is an interesting new form of exchange, which will enable an easy and fast exchange of coins. It will surely go a long way in helping users of crypto.

You can read the FAQ section of the website here: