Bridal Shower Signs

A friend of mine was planning a bridal shower for a good friend and asked me to make some way-finding (although I use that term loosely) signs. The party was succulent themed, so all she asked was that I incorporate them somehow.

The type of paper I used
Creating the text in Photoshop

I started by finding the right font for the occasion and put the different signs into Photoshop so I could have a reference for the text. The font I used is Wonderwall.

I was able to transfer the text onto the kraft paper and I filled in the lettering with sharpie. I got the brush effect by putting lines around the letters with a finer pen. I don’t know how well it translates in these photos, but it looks pretty convincing when you take a step back.

I coloured in the succulents using Prisma Colours. I initially wanted to use this style of illustration for all of the posters, but my sister wanted to help out so I delegated one of the sign’s succulent drawings to her. Since she has a pretty different style than me, I figured I would make my second one a totally kind of graphic.

My second one with that “drastically different style” I talked about earlier
Although I still did the text for this one, my sister did the illustrations
The signs on the day of the party