Photo booth Backdrop

Fun for all ages!

We just recently had a group of friends that all turn 30 this year, so of course a giant celebration was necessary! And what is a grand 30th birthday part for multiple people without a homemade photo booth? Come, into my process of creating the perfect backdrop for some of the most lovely and creative people I know in celebration of the big year!

The start

I used some leftover foam board and painted on top of it. The colours really popped on the black foam board, which is lucky because I had a lot of white paint and very little black.

Another in progress picture. The picture on the phone is an image I created in Photoshop for reference.
The (almost) finished piece! I had accidentally gotten some paint sprays on the background, so I splattered some more to make it look intentional.
The totally finished piece, splatters and all!
At the party!

I also made some last minute props. They are just cut out from some PDFs I found online and then decorated with glitter.

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