Opinion: The road to the restoration of Nigeria in 2019 and the Search for Worthy Candidates. Wailing Wailers @NGRWailers.

There is no doubt that Nigerians are urgently and desperately craving for 2019 to come faster to present them the widely desired chance to change the present government of change led by President Muhammadu Buhari and some of the non performing APC and PDP controlled states across Nigeria.

The concerns raised by the people in 2015 that led to the ousting of the former President Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan which the media widely termed as clueless government can be traced to the make belief "Heavy Media Warfare" against the former President and may not have been based on genuine concerns from the Nigerian People.

Looking critically at the present situation of the country, you will realise that no one is sponsoring any media campaign of calumny against President Buhari, but, the staggering reality is slamming the people to their faces.

Before the last administration was chased away, the prices of groceries were relatively much more cheaper compared to the present state of things in the country. Then, a bag of rice was sold at about N8,000 and a liter of PMS was N87 but now under Buhari presidency, a bag of rice is now sold on the average of N22,000 while PMS is sold at N145 in almost all the fuel stations across Nigeria and same goes for every other daily needs of the people (Hiked Prices).

Generally speaking, Nigerian people were very much better off with the last administration by far. This is due to the fact that they had a human face to the people's condition and they moved along with the outcry of the public which were yielding some positive results. But, now, in this present Administration, Buhari does not even listen to his own cabinet members let alone Nigerians. The purchasing powers of the people have dropped by almost 87%.

As we can clearly notice, some individuals have started showing interest in the 2019 race leading to Aso Rock, especially from the collapsing All Progressive Congress (APC).

Names like the former Vice President Alhaji ATIKU Abubakar, Governor Nasir Elrufail of Kaduna has come up, it is not very clear whether the incumbent Buhari will resign earlier enough as we have demanded due to his ineptitude, but, one thing that is certain is that if he dares to say that he wants to contest in 2019, that will lead to a serious revolt because, apart from his bad and worse performance, he declared that his old age will limit his performance and we cannot undergo the same harrowing situation ever again, after 2019.

In the other camp of the disarrayed and unstable opposition PDP, names like Governor Ibrahim Dankwabo , Former Governor of Borno Senator Ali-Modu Sheriff, Former Governor of Jigawa, Sule Lamido, Former Governor of Niger State, Babangida Aliyu, former FCT minister under PDP government and others are popping up in the media as possible replacement for Buhari in 2019.

For us as a group concerned with the advancement, development and survival of Democracy in Nigeria and world over, in all the names listed above, to be fair, some of them does not deserve to be given any chance at all.

* Do we give a chance to someone who was alleged to be the sponsor of Boko Haram?

* Do we we give a chance to someone who has been accused severally of embezzling public funds?

* Do we give a chance to someone who seized peoples landed property in Abuja as the then Minister of FCT and re-allocate to his friends, family and mistresses?

* Do we give a chance to someone who raised false alarm of Snipers list in the run down to 2015 election?

* Do we give a chance to someone who deliberately demolished peoples homes in Kaduna and Abuja under the pretense of mega city restructure without any reallocation and/or compensation to the owners and which led to the untimely death of Nigerian citizens?

* Do we give a chance to someone who deliberately tried to set Muslims against the Christians, do we give a chance to someone who is supporting mass murder of innocent citizens in Kaduna?

We as a group believe that we must carefully scrutinize the personalities and characters of those that will dare to show interest in 2019 Presidency. Truth be told, we must be objective in choosing our leaders and not choose political dealers.

If we carefully analyze Nigeria since the advent of democracy from 1999, we will discover that the political class are solely responsible for selecting our leaders for the rest of Nigerians. This should not be and must not continue, because, it is a faulty system which must be abolished come 2019.

For instance, We Wailing Wailers have membership strength of over 20 million across Nigeria and still growing everyday, we must be able to objectively choose candidates by ourselves by scrutinizing and interviewing them seriously via public debate engagements, thoroughly checking their backgrounds to ascertain if the candidates are fit and proper persons before Nigerians can accept them.

What is currently obtainable is a faulty system where a politician, irrespective of his/her vision or visionlessness will pay his way through a political party without any input from the large voting populace.

We must start the search of these noble and worthy Nigerians that should occupy the Nigeria presidency, state governorship posts from now hence forth .

The voting population should for once be able to choose for themselves who they want to govern them and this shall begin now in preparation for 2019.

We are certain that politicians will throw their monies away in 2019, because, we will not allow the race to be narrowed to a few bad candidates as obtainable in the past, we will on our own part ensure that all the candidates that will come up in 2019 are the best there is. We will not allow politicians to present to us their own candidates which had been the practice for too long and that has caused severe chaos in the system as a result of the failures of these candidates (stooges).

Nigerians must choose their leaders from the start to the end in 2019. We believe that any party platform that such candidates will run on will not matter in so far as they are popularly acceptable by majority of the voting bloc.

We have on our own part, commenced the building of a country wide structure that will cause the emergence of candidates that will change Nigeria for good.

We urge the media, good people of Nigeria and other CSOs to join hands and partner with us as we will embark on the search for the possible replacement candidates including vibrant youths, for the current government in Aso Rock.

Usman Abubakar
Ag. NPS, Wailing Wailers
Headquarters, FCT Abuja.