PRESS RELEASE: RE: Removal and Substitution of PDP Ifako-Ijaiye House of Rep Candidate Hon Fatima Aduke Mohammed's Name from the INEC List for December 3rd Election.

Our attention has been drawn to the dangerous and malicious news some aggrieved individuals are spreading on social media that the name of Hon Fatima Aduke Mohammed has been removed and substituted with another person's name on INEC final list.

The news is false in its entirety, there is nothing of such but just a wish of some undesirable elements who are allowing themselves to be used by unscrupulous and anti democracy persons in the society.

Recall that, Hon Fatima stood in the PDP primary election which she came out victorious ahead of other competitors, the election had INEC officials in attendance which validated the process.

INEC in a joint press conference with the officials of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has since dissociate itself completely from such wicked lies which is capable of soiling the image of the great umpire and inciting uncontrollable violence. If INEC will make such announcement, INEC's website, Twitter and Facebook remain official communication channels to the public.

INEC has again affirm that Hon Fatima Mohammed remains the standard bearer of the PDP Ifako-Ijaiye and authentic candidate for the forthcoming House of Reps bye election.

Honorable Fatima Mohammed has called on all those spreading the falsehood to stop at once and join her in ensuring that the party emerge victorious at the general poll.

We therefore call on the good people of Ifako-Ijaiye, teeming supporters and Nigerians in general to ignore the fake news being peddled by those who are willing to undermine our collective progress.

For us, its a Bold Step, Let's Take it Together.

Announcer: Adelaja Adeoye
Fatee Media Office.