How Cloud IT is changing the business landscape
Magic of Telephony


The onset of globalisation has made distant collaborations and virtual events inevitable and for effective distant collaborations and virtual events, a crystal clear audio is a must. A crystal clear audio intensifies distant collaborations and virtual events and here we have HoduConf, an audio conferencing software that suits perfectly to all your conferencing needs and is the perfect conferencing software solution. In the form of HoduConf, HoduSoft offers a cost-effective Business Conferencing product that is feature rich and ready to use. It is an affordable conference call software that offers conferencing software solutions to suit your business’s audio conferencing requirements. HoduConf also provides you the facility to record the conference as and when needed.


  • Dynamic Conference Creation using
  • Access Code
  • Moderator Code
  • Authentication with Additional Security Code
  • Participant Name Recording & Playback
  • DTMF based Feature
  • Mute
  • Unmute
  • Rollcall
  • Hangup
  • Volume-up
  • Volume-down
  • CoS (Class of Service) based parameter integration like
  • duration of conference
  • number of participants
  • number of moderator
  • music on hold etc.
  • Different Modes like Conversation
  • Presentation
  • Entry-Exit chimes
  • Raise Hand
  • Name-Mapping
  • Configurable Music on Hold
  • Conference Recording
  • Conference wise Polling
  • Conference Scheduler


This is the most advanced web conferencing solution. It has the video conferencing feature, which gives the feel of one to one conferences. This type of web conferencing solution comes with the system to set up room based conferencing. This is very useful when an organization wants to conduct a high tech meeting like board meeting.