Dear internet, please stop.

The freedom of speech is a great thing to have and a thing that we should never lose. Everybody has the right to be respected and to be treated equally. Everyone has the right to express their opinion. I agree, these are two of the values that I live by.

On the other hand, I see every day people that have forgotten what that truly means. There is nothing that you can post nowadays that will not outrage people or that won’t make people feel offended. No matter how many experts go through the text or how many people check it 16 times before posting there has to be an issue with it from some perspective.

For instance: if a brand were to post that they helped build a new hospital in a community, there will definitely be some people who argue that it’s a horrible thing they’re doing. People are losing track of the results, of what matters and that is discouraging. They are trying to find flaws and to be outraged by things that are simple or that are meant to be good.

The public opinion is being shaped by the media that flows in the daily river of information: “How to be a great leader”; “10 things rich people never do”; “Quit your job, follow your dream!”; “Here is why you are failing”. Titles like these have become so tiresome and they are tiresome because it seems that no matter what you do you can’t seem to be good enough, you don’t seem to be good enough, strive enough for a healthy life or to be the best, or have the perfect marriage or be the best parent.

It is stressful on an already stressed population and it creates barriers.

I recently read out of pure curiosity, an article about 3 reasons why millenials don’t get promoted. One of the reasons was that most of them are nice and because of that, they are perceived as being weak hence they don’t receive a promotion.

Aside from the fact that I don’t understand this sudden need for aggressiveness in business promoted by TED Talks and articles, what boggles me is that because of their popularity, they are forming a public opinion and shaping a culture around it. The whole point of networking and of human interaction is to be professional and pleasant in order to stay in good relations with those you work with. That on a personal level. On a professional level you have to deliver and be able to have your own opinion that can help the company grow.

But here is where the second reason intervenes and I quote: “they try too hard”. This confuses me a bit. Of course we do. It’s natural, especially if we like what we’re doing or if we are dedicated to what we have to do.

So dear internet, please stop. Please stop making people feel insecure or like they always need to be and do more. Please stop oppressing good initiatives and beautiful things. Please give us more quality content and less stressful noise. Appreciate the good in people and the good things they do. Stop turning everything into something offensive.

With love,

Your average user.

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