Take Control Over You Picture and How It is Used

This is the time when pictures are used to say and tell more than the words ever will. It is mainly because of the fact that it captivates the audience better, and has better communication power than the words alone. They add a hint of life to the words and enhance the face value. This importance of the pictures has been well identified by the marketers who have used it for winning the battle of gaining consumer’s attention.

In terms of the theoretical law, in the year 1994 the World Intellectual Property Organization has presented its first mandate on the charter merchandising and that was the beginning of Sports image rights.

· The distinguishing indicia on the market is not only limited to the celebrities who are keen for their personal features but it is applicable to the athletes and players as well.

· Not only a good public persona but also a good status and popularity comes along with a good promotion of the pictures.

· These authentication and authenticity is important so that the player will not have to suffer from any exploitation of their persona.

· When it come to law, the term “Persona” refers to the object or anything, that is a matter of protection which can be claimed as per the infringement of the fame or popularity.

· These aren’t limited to the pictures alone, but also to the symbol or the indicia that is unique to a particular player or athletes.

· It also includes, the names, voices, signature, and distinctive characteristics or features etc.

· Each country has its own sets of rules and regulation that governs the sports image rights and the relevant content.

· There are different legal theories as per the jurisdiction of the athlete or where they have got the copyrights etc.

· In case of American doctrine, these matters have got the status of proprietary.

· While in case of the European nations, except that of the UK, they are still considered in the personality rights.

· No matter how they may be categories but it is always they are to control the commercial exploitation of the persona of a person or the team or it can even be an organization.

As the players and athletes have a very small professionally active life, therefore these matters are of grave importance for earning them profit late on in life.