Who stinks?

I can’t ignore the humorous nature of this little tag planted in the grass, it’s really kinda cute to imagine someone printing his/her homemade Jpeg on a piece of paper, fold and glue it on a wood stick, and plant it next the dog poop like a tag at the grocery store produce department. I can’t ignore its irony either. I wonder if the effort this person has put in making her cute tag and finding the good poop candidate to grant it with was equal to the attention he/she pays to trace the life of her own feces. Not only her physical excrement: where he/she poops, how much water he/she uses to flush it, what kind of bleached or scented toilet paper he/she uses, coming from how many trees, let alone the polluting nature of his/her little cute tag, with colored ink on it, more bleached paper and a wood stick also part of a tree. But also has the snoop designer measured the environmental impact of his/her mental discharge: the waste of time and energy of watching dog owners, the passive aggressiveness nature of her cute message, the general danger of separateness and rampant hatred that comes with indicting another human being for a very minor act, the acidity and hypocrisy of common good consciousness in our community. Big brothering starts right there on the curb. The American procedural and tattletale mentality of tagging “good” or “bad” citizen, “liking” or “disliking” everything and everyone’s moves is often the sign of a society who makes itself feels better by gossiping the other’s life, instead of honestly weighting the impact of her own shit first. If you ask me, a dog poop drying under the sun in the grass doesn’t stink as much as the tag next to it. Also, has someone asked the dog what it thinks?