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Hey, Mike. Do you enjoy the ability to walk down the street, without people assessing your ass, your legs, your chest, your outfit or your hair length or style? Do you enjoy being lost in your thoughts, totally into a song that transports you, or perhaps mentally sorting out something really challenging, preparing for a meeting, grieving someone you have lost or perhaps having just learned that you have cancer, without being told to “SMILE!” by random strangers? And do you enjoy the freedom to be in shared public space, without the hassle of being called names, when not responding to said random stranger? Well, we would, too. It’s called respect. Sounds like you need to practice it. Does the back ouf your throat not burn from all of the vitriol you spew at women? Are you aware that you are on this planet, thanks to a woman? Your mother must be so very proud of your behavior. I am really sorry that you feel the need to antagonize others, in order to feel power. The dominant/subordinate thing you are attempting to advance is what we’re fighting. We are working with allies across gender and generation to create SHARED power. I am truly sorry that your heart is so constricted that this is what you have to offer the world. #WeNeedANewNormal #SexismIsNotSexy