Adele, I thought of hitting that little heart, but then I decided to say something.
Robert Cormack

Thank you Robert Cormack for taking the time to read and more so, for taking the time to say something. How could I not be pleased? A writer who has followed his path and does what he loves for a living, decided to give me advice!

It is invaluable to be given something that you can take with you and learn from.

As I write more and learn more about the craft of writing, I will hopefully get better. This was the first piece I had ever written and posted for the world to see. I hope with practice I will one day be able to pull myself out of what I know and feel, and to be able to contrast it with other perspectives. I had to start somewhere, my head was connected, so I thought why not. Better yet, maybe one day I can write from someone else’s perspective altogether!

Thank you for the quote from Charles Bukowski. I think it may be where I was coming from. If I can break through my fear and write something, maybe I can give someone else the confidence to do the same. Either from connecting to my story or because it is so bad they think; “Wow if that girl wrote garbage and people read it, maybe they will read mine too!”

I have had responses of it being inspiring, which makes me want to write more and in turn made me really feel like a writer! It is because of those comments, I keep trying. Thanks again for reading :)

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