I really enjoyed reading this.
Kat Black

Thanks so much for your kind words Kat Quinzel. You made my day. Writing can be hard and when someone says you write beautifully, it can only encourage you to pursue it.

I am in agreement with you concerning well placed F-words. They are needed in situations to be emotive, I am from Newfoundland and we swear a lot. It is not to be vulgar but to put emphasis on something important, or to cause the reaction you want…quickly. “Close the door!” may not get an reaction, but “Close the F$@king door!” will certainly grab their attention. And when I am mad or hurt myself, they come out of my mouth with out me knowing it.

I have been a little absent from Medium as I am trying to build a Blog and all the social media etc that goes along with it. I do have a publication here on Medium..The Adele Walsh Blog, empty right now. Once I am rolling on the real website, I will post here too. I write about positive energy, crystals, their healing properties and how they can be applied in our everyday life. This connects to my books, as they will be a series about our future (10,000 years form now) when we use Crystals and energy in our every day, situated around the Chakras of the earth, i.e, Mt. Shasta, Peru, Australia, England, Egypt, and the Himalayas. Its fun and surrounds me with positive people, research and facts. Crystals are pretty too!

I also post about music, bands and festivals I attend. I am creating a life of my own design. It sounds like you are too.

Good luck with your cursing article, I can’t wait to see what you discover…like who came up with F$%K in the first place, Lol. Have a super day Kat!

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