Last week I attended a seminar with e-commerce theme. The weird thing it’s also combined with personality development session. Maybe it has a relation in certain way. The speaker is a woman, working in a well known startup. She works in culture department, more likely dealing with people or personality’s resource.

She tells the audience that networking event is sucks. She hates that. It’s because the essence of joining this kind of event is nothing more than wasting Ur time with people you never know. We started to talk each other, greeting, say hi, exchanging name card, and nothing else. And minutes later, we forget their names easily and we or they never call back each other. So what’s the point of networking event?

She tells us that the point is giving other people needs. And they will help you back in certain way. It’s about : what can I do for you? I will help you. And then you can help m back in the future. And then we became friends!

Interesting. And why don’t we talk about other things except work/job in first time we met someone new? Talk about their passion, talk about their needs, and make them important. And they will give you the same thing in the future.