Hello Adelina,
Damien Courbon

Hi Damien, thanks for reaching out!

Here’s what my concerns were with the app:

  • The calendar was not optimized for search: the events could be visualized on a list by day of conference, instead of a calendar format where you can see which of the events you chose are at the same time so that you can better prioritize; I think you could also use different categories and color codes to differentiate between them (ex. a color for a conference, another one for shorter talks/ round tables and another one for workshop or a pitch contest)
  • The map of the event was not working and I actually expected it to be interactive (something like the directions shown on an interactive terminal in the malls to direct you to the shop you want to go to). Even in a static form, you could just see the big booths, but at some point I was actually looking for a specific smaller one (If I remember K60) and I couldn’t find it with that map. This would have been really handy because the indicators were sooooo small compared to the banners of the big companies put all over the place. It really felt like they were bombarding my eyes and after 2–3 hours I already wanted to get out of there because of the exhaustion.

As for the chatbot, I was surprised by its functionalities (given that we were at a tech event). It was very, very basic. I thought it could save me from using the map, but “he” couldn’t show me where the booth I was looking for was, even after many attempts, as “he” kept redirecting me to the same map. I was also expecting to see what were the events happening at the time you were asking him and also, when you asked for event recommendation he always started with the first ones, even if they had already passed.

I totally understand that you depend on what your clients ask from your side, but it should be your role to counsel them and give them confidence to go with your choice (maybe show them some feedback or some success cases you had before), as it’s your reputation in the game, also…

And last but not least, about the paying ticket, I think I made a mistake because I bought in what was written on the presentation website. I honestly believe that this kind of events should only be marketed for startups after seed or series A showcasing their products, as I said in the article, therefore I don’t even understand why they sold tickets for “startups” without a booth. I clearly knew my goals and I tried hard to achieve them, but I didn’t completely achieve them given the delivery on the promise. However, I am convinced others in the same situation might think otherwise and have had other kind of experiences and I totally respect this.

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