#MotivationMonday: Lessons from Clearing Out Old Clothes

3 questions to have clarity

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I made the decision to clear out the overflowing drawers, where I had been accumulating clothing. These days, most of what I wear are from the drawers. The wardrobes still house the clothes that are more for office or semi-formal occasions.

To be honest, I had been storing up clothes with the thought “it’s a good buy now, and it’s pretty. I may need it later and I had better get it now as they will raise the price soon”. This fear of not missing out on a good deal has serious repercussions. I was running out of places to store them and I was not wearing many of these bargain pieces either!

Then a conversion with a friend enlightened me. She told me that “clutter repels money”! She said that we have to clear out space for things to come. The way to deal with excess clothes, if it doesn’t feel good or makes me feel good, let it go. So I dealt with my old clothes emotionally, if I had not worn them in the past 6 months, they have to go.

This process reminded me of a few relationships too. There were a couple of people, we used to be friends, communicated daily on MSN Messenger (before Skype). Then one day, the communication stopped abruptly. Later, I found out that these people had unfriended me on Facebook and other social media platforms. Ouch, that was painful! But I soon learnt that their presence no longer served and it was a good thing that they had chosen to leave.

It became clear that these “friends” had to leave so new ones will enter. I have gained many new friends who share similar visions, goals and interests. Through them I have gained so much new knowledge and pushed many boundaries.

Here are 3 questions to help you get started:

1. Am I holding on to the fear of not missing out based on a past event?
2. Is this affecting my emotional attachment to things that I had accumulated?3. Am I over-cluttering my life and mind the same way?

I realised this could be a sensitive topic, and my views may not resonate with everybody. I am aware that for me, making this connection was a significant breakthrough in my personal battle with clutter. Before I could even start with what to keep or purge, I had to first address my finances and relationships, as well as my mindset about them.

Blessings for a fabulous week.

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