For all gamers and traders, the 3rd of May, AdelTrade will be opening their first public competition. An exclusive pre-launch contest designed for those who would like to win a real cash prize while having fun and improving their trading skills.

Rules of engagement

The competition is open for free, only to the first 30 gamers to download the Iphone or Android app, create their AdelTrade account and share their in-app nickname in the comments below any of the AdelTrade social media accounts. All gamers start with virtual $10,000 = no capital at risk.


  • Introduction
  • Creating your ETH address
  • Verifying your Ethereum Address
  • Verifying your ETH address in Adel portal
  • How to see ADLs in MyEtherWallet
  • Support


This guide has been prepared to help Adel stakeholders with the creation of your Ethereum Address and verifying your new Ethereum address with a signed message.

Creating your ETH address

Your Ethereum address MUST NOT be an address from an exchange service. If you do this, we will not be able to track your transaction, and it may result in a loss of your ADL coins
There are several Ethereum wallets available to hold your new ADL coins. The wallet that we…

AdelTrade — gaming the financial markets!

What is AdelTrade?

AdelTrade is an online competitive gaming platform that focuses on financial markets. Anyone can join and participate in virtual trading with other competitors in financial trading in real-time with other competitors.

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Adel Ecosystem Ltd.

Adel is a first-of-its kind blockchain startup incubator, global cryptocurrency community, self-sustaining, own economic ecosystem. Adelphoi $ADL cryptocurrency

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