She feels guilty whenever she breaks a heart. Not only for those she’s hurt, but for herself too. Because for every time she gets to know someone, she’d bring herself closer, and closer to them. Irresponsibly, like a moth to fire.

Laughing as her forehead taps his shoulder, she would daze silently at him and smile even when there’s nothing remotely funny, looking up into his vacant eyes, using every ounce of her soul, to feel his.

She never holds back. But every so often, she would eventually realise just how little they actually knew about her.

Moments with her would then suddenly freeze. She becomes frigid. Out of desperation, they would ask questions. She never liked those questions. Eventually, that transient relationship that hasn’t even started would disintegrate with her silent frustration.

Everything then slips away, including herself.

And that’s when you would call her a Heartbreaker - Someone attractive and irresponsible, in emotional relationships.