Loving Till It Hurts

I’m sorry if you might have loved till it hurt.

In my own short-lived life, I’ve discovered just how emotions (and relationships) could re-fabricate a good majority of our perceived happiness. So I have just this simple, unsolicited advice (but I also believe this applies to almost everything):

Never try holding on to things.

Like sunrise and sunset, beautiful things will come around and stay when they are meant to and leave when they aren’t.

Your life will hold and contain whatever it could and should, so be as greedy and giving as you want — as loving, as angry, as funny, as shallow, as full and as broken as it makes you comfortable — as long as it feels like you’re in your own skin.

The people and things that you are attracted to will stay attracted to you until they aren’t anymore; and that isn’t at all your problem or concern. Every relationship is either a blessing or a lesson.

So they will come and leave, but while they are around for a stay, it will feel amazing. It would in fact feel supreme and transcendental. It will be metaphysics and love and everything in between. Consume every morsel of it, but never ever try to hold on to them, because that’s just about how any perishable item turns sour.

Then stop thinking about how you don’t get to keep them, and start thinking instead, about how – because of this exigence – you don’t have to.