6 Ways to Spot The Coolest Handmade Jewelry NYC

Some of us just love designing our own pieces of jewelry. Taking time to come up with a beautiful piece of jewelry for someone you love and care about is a great feeling. So if you are looking for some great ideas on how to come up with amazing handmade jewelry, we’ve compiled our best kept secrets. Let’s start with some 6 cool ways to make handmade jewelry that looks amazing.

Gather all you need

From wire cutters to beading wires, pearls, beads and a crimping tool, there’s a lot you’ll need to start making your handmade jewelry NYC. It will depend on the type of jewelry you will be making. If you’ll be making earrings then you’ll need a couple of headpins and spacers to make it work.

Think outside the box

You’ve got to experiment when it comes to handmade pieces of jewelry. Don’t be afraid to show off your creative side. Whether you want to mix pearls and beads or some two materials that would not be used together in normal occasions, don’t be afraid to go all the way.

Recycle your old necklaces and bracelets

There are many materials that you can get from your old necklaces and bracelets and use them to make handmade jewelry. You can get beads and pearls from old necklaces and then buy a wire that will be strong to make a piece that lasts. If the beads are old, you can wrap them using a nice fabric to give it a completely brand new look and hide some flaws.

Cover the beads with fabric

For a more appealing look, you can use a fabric to cover the beads and give them a completely different look. You can use fabrics like Ankara to match an African theme. This technique usually works best with beads that have larger holes. Just make sure you don’t cover the hole when wrapping it with fabric.

Choose trendy colors

If you are making handmade jewelry for sale then consider the colors that are currently trending. Most people prefer fashion necklaces NYC that have a unique appeal and blend well with the clothes they wear. Also consider the type of people you want to attract in your jewelry business. For instance, if you are making handmade jewelry specifically for younger women then avoid using the large beads made of plastic and glass because they often look cheap and old.

Consider the shapes and colors

The shape and color of your handmade jewelry will contribute to their overall look. You may consider getting beads that are made of hearts and weird creatures if you are designing them for children. However, handmade jewelry for adults needs to look more appealing with regular shapes and colors that are not overly dramatic.

Don’t combine random beads in a single piece

If you take a look at high end handmade jewelry NYC, you will realize that many of those exotic pieces do not have different types of beads and pearls hanging around. Using pearls that blend perfectly together will make the piece of jewelry look sophisticated. If you choose glass and plastic beads that are over large and some too small, your piece of jewelry may not look the part. You may also add a statement on your piece by using a nice pendant that is made using the right material. Make sure you don’t add too many elements on the jewelry that makes them become too heavy and oversized. Use strong strings and attach pieces with hinges and screws to make your handmade jewelry last longer.

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