Really tired of hearing that the monarch pay so much money to the country.
The monarchy don't own any of the buildings. The crown estate does (yes you all knew that).

But the crown estate is a statutory corporation in exactly the same way that national rail was, or the BBC is, or OFCOM is, or our County councils are. Set up by an elected government by the people, for the people. It's property portfolio is publicly owned and we give 15% of that revenue to the Queen.

Not even including the shares they own in an unknown amount of…

Ok so, I’m literally just thinking and writing on the spot… But here goes.

Let me start by saying that I actually, absolutely detest Trump. And Clinton. I think they’re both awful options and the fact that they were the two main choices for the two main parties is an absolute tragedy. But here’s where I think there’s a silver lining to Trump being elected… Providing the world can survive the next 4 years.

Before any of this, a quick analogy, because I like analogies and I like The Matrix. Remember The Matrix? Everybody is stuck inside a computer simulation…

I’m just thinking stuff

I have a thinking problem

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