AI Services for Block Gemini

Block Gemini applies its Business Consulting, Technology and Blockchain expertise to deliver Artificial Intelligence solutions that solve real-world operational problems.

AI is a fast-paced, ever evolving field with a deep history that is continuing to change and become more complex every day. AI in combination with Blockchain Technologies now have the power to address challenges and predict outcomes like never before — taking advantage of the opportunity requires understanding where we’ve been, where AI is going and how to keep pace with this evolving industry.

Services Block Gemini can offer:

Natural Language Processing and Generation

The NLP and NLG solution allows financial services firms to:

  • Gather data for NLP analysis
  • Generate easy-to-understand, personalized text
  • Automatically process hundreds of data points

Applying NLP and NLG to business processes enables:

  • Significant gains in productivity
  • Reduce operational risk and increase efficiency
  • Deliver accurate, real-time data and insights for enhanced decision-making
  • Enhance regulatory compliance and adherence to customer SLA and customer experience
  • Elevate the role of the professional with real-time expert data
  • Increase data accuracy and accessibility
  • Improve operating margins and provide a scalable foundation for growth
  • Create traceability and provenance around data

Cognitive Machine Learning

Machine Learning solutions allow companies to address some of the most complex liquidity, pricing and risk challenges being faced today.

Organization can:

  • Streamline complex intraday liquidity calculations
  • Automate data collection and analysis
  • Enhance liquidity and collateral management processes
  • Address intraday and LCR reporting requirements and improve ALM desk liquidity management
  • Enhance regulatory reporting and related operations
  • Optimize liquidity to minimize underwriting
  • Increase efficiency, turnaround time and accuracy on data modeling and calculations

Chat Bots

Chatbot solutions:

  • Developed using numerous frameworks and methodologies including a JSON/Node JS stack with Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) and the Microsoft BOT framework with the LUIS NLP
  • Enables the adoption of a preferred technology stack while introducing the feature to clients or employees
  • Speeds up the integration effort needed to connect the bot to databases
  • Easily adds chat phrases or ‘utterances’ to grow the functionality of the Chatbot service over time
  • Builds a ubiquitous chat ecosystem that will seamlessly integrate into the most complex of legacy environments
  • Helps start the Chatbot service with a baseline of functionalities that have already been built
  • Have the machine learning capability to truly personalize each customer’s Chatbot experience
  • Improves and personalizes the experience the more it is used by customers

In essence, the Chatbot experience gets smarter each time and evolves automatically to provide a service that is unique and tailored precisely to each customer’s needs.

Data Science

  • Analyze structured and unstructured data to identify patterns and anomalies
  • Gain deeper insight into their customer and prospect data
  • Develop more targeted and insightful sales, marketing and customer programs
  • Create a culture of data-driven decision-making

Applying Data Science to business processes enables firms to:

  • Create an enhanced, personalized customer experience
  • Increase transparency into business threats and opportunities
  • Deliver better, more targeted product recommendations
  • Enhance security related to money laundering and fraud detection and prevention

VR Services

Personal Systems

Group Systems

Immersive Systems