I agree with most of your arguments, especially about archery, but… there is one thing to consider.
Błażej Seremak

Depending on the realism you’re looking for. If you’re looking for period accuracy (to a point), then yes, KC:D is still the closest. But if you’re looking for realistic combat, it is far from it.

Personally, I find that the combat realism in KC:D is on a similar level to Mount and Blade: Warband, in that there is just some of it. But in comparison, the mechanics of M&B is much more fun to play, while still relying on a level directional realism.

KC:D is just clunky. It’s not like I did not get far into the game enough to be good either. I was 50 hours in before I called it quits and genuinely gave it a chance. I still enjoyed the period world and graphics. I just wished the gameplay itself wasn’t so lackluster.