My Digital Marketing Lessons.

Over the months, I’ve learnt a lot about digital marketing and it’s tactics, so I will be sharing my lessons with you.

Basically, digital marketing owns the world of all products and services. In this age and time, if you refuse to market your products digitally, I'm sorry for you.

In few years, people won't have to go to the market or go out to look for services, they will look for everything they want on the internet. Sorry to say this, even churches, will have online services. So let's just define digital marketing.

What is digital marketing? Digital marketing is an act of advertising your products and services using devices such as phones, laptops etc. mainly through the internet medium.

Digital marketing has so many types, but in this lesson, we will be looking at the major ones.

The major types of digital marketing include:

  • SEO
  • Content Marketing/blogging
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • SEM

The above listed are the major components that makes up the name digital marketing, though there are still others like, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing etc.

So in the next lesson we will be starting with the SEO lessons, every trick I've learnt, all you need to do to appear in searches and the rest will be learnt in the next lesson.

I hope you've learnt a thing from today's lesson, don't hesitate to share with someone who needs this.

Thanks for reading! My name is Blessing, See you in the next lesson.

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