Educate Lagos. Emi ati Aunty Mixed Feelings


Awon Lagos State ati Kotivu ti so wi pe, “We have lunshed the portal”, but awon launchers ti mu the business of the content people at risk.

Lagos State Government has just launched a content repository portal for education in the state. Free content. Nice idea. But then, in less than 30 minutes, I wrote a JavaScript plugin that allows you to download the entire content using the browser or a Download Manager.

So the question. Should users be able to download this content onto their own devices and access the content locally? Should the bobos to wa ni Computer Village abi Alaba International Market grab all the videos ati textbooks and sell it to us ni bookshops?

So, make I show you wetin I don do. Shey you ready to follow me.


  1. Open the website, in your Desktop Browser. Jẹ ki a lo Chrome Browser
  2. Accept the terms (if dem ask you)
  3. Click the Search icon on the top right corner (it will take you to
  4. You should see 10 results per page (total results when I checked, 718). Change the results per page to 100, and click Update

Magic wa fe start!

  1. Open Developer Tools (Ctrl + Shift + J)
  2. Copy the code in this JavaScript file from
  3. Paste it in your Console (in Developer Tools), and press Enter to run
  4. Wait for a few seconds.
  5. (a) Shey e fe download the files with your browser, type _d(dl) in the Console and press Enter
    (b) Or type _d(dl, true) in the Console to download a text file with the list of files. Then click the red button (“Download List of Links”) and save the file. Open the file to see the list

Magic ti pari. But you can go to the next page and do everything from Magic 1–6.

Awon Governor wa, ese gan. Awon IT people to wa ni the top, mo ni ibeere. Shey e appreciate effort mi.

Anyway awon developers, the code is free to extend for other educational purposes.

Emi ti logout.