“If you can’t beat them join them” by Shola Elebs
Benjamin Dada, MSc.

Purpose. This topic is deep. I remember coming home after my first semester in Obafemi Awolowo University. I had just clocked 17 like a month prior. I sat my mum down and asked her, What’s the purpose of life? Is it just to go to Uni, get a degree, get a job, marry and have kids?… Heck, it had to be more than that. Well, she couldn’t really answer me(bless her heart). Well, a few years down the line, I can say it’s clearer. My own discovery and experience is that purpose or vision for your life is a progressive thing.( and might even change). The important thing is to be on track…heck, am writing another post?…good one on this, Mr Elebs.

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