Excesses in writing functional programming code

Hi! My name is Oluwatobi Adegelu and am a Full Stack Developer. I have been writing functional programming for more than eight years. I started professionally three years ago.

Stay with me…

I have learnt to absorb and move on with programming excesses, which i want to share with you.

Are YOU finding it difficult to excel with your programming journey or find yourself swimming in ocean that looks unending???

I have good news for you!!!

Those challenges are learning obstacles that will take you to your desired destination of success. You need to draft it all by yourself and put time to it.

if you think it… you can achieve it.

Coding is life, smiles



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Oluwatobi Adegelu

Full stack developer(MERN) with professional Certifications: MCSA&ITCP. Skills:HTML5,CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, ReactJS, NodeJs, Express & MongoDb.