I have been thinking about the stories of my life that would show my Identity. I am now in the processes of posting the most meaningful ones. Expect to see them in the next couple of weeks! I think that sharing my life story or even part of it will show people the person I was born to be. Since I’m just a freshman and new to the University of Minnesota people don’t really know me. I want to be well known when I leave the University of Minnesota. As a kid I’ve always loved sports. I loved to watch, and play sports. When I used to go to my old school, I played for both the schools soccer team, and the schools basketball team. I was really good I was a starter in every game, and played a lot. The coach always told me without me he wouldn’t know where the team would be today. Everyone told me to keep the work up I would soon make it to the big leagues. In a final game once, while I was playing soccer the opponent on the other team tripped me and I landed very hard on knee. Sadly and tragically till this day I’m not the same kid as I used to be. It’s much harder for me to play sports now. I still work hard and strive. Maybe eventually I will make it to the big leagues someday. I want people to know that no matter where life takes you, make the most of it. I for one am proud of myself for not giving up even though I could have. I want people to take the good, and the bad things from my life stories. The good so they can do the same, and the bad so they can do the opposite and learn from my mistakes.

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