The first time i noticed race was when i was about 9 or ten years old. I went to this predominantly white school and on the first day everyone was giving me the most attention. This one kid came up to me and said “ why are you darker than all of these people” I realized that I was different but learned to embrace it. I will tie this into my identity on the project. Race: The definition of race is like being Hispanic African American, white, or Chinese. People in the old days used to be judged, and evaluated by their race. I never knew or thought your skin color will affect the way you live, where you go to school, and if you are eligible for a job. The colored people were given dirty looks as they walked down the street. They were treated unfairly, like they never really got what they deserved. Through all of that I still made the most of what I have. All that really mattered to me where my friends, family, and community. Sometimes when I look out the window I see the colored people making riots, and protests against the white people. I would sometimes ask my mom, “Is everything all right mom?” She would always say yes to make me feel safe, and comfortable. Now a days things are different. You will rarely see people being racist towards one another. Our rights have been violated before, but have seem to be given back to us. Our rights is what keeps America a stable country. I as a kid have seen racism among the U.S. citizens before, but can look back at it and say things have changed. They aren’t the way they were years ago. America is a free country. Everyone has rights, be free but make sure to not violate the laws!

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