The Journey has just begun…

Today I am feeling little nostalgic after giving a thought that I have completed 5 years in my company Omni-bridge Systems private limited….

How things have changed over the past? How I was earlier and how I am today?

If I will give answers to all these question then I will say yes, so many things have changed over the past.

Earlier I used to be an aggressive youngster, now I am trying to become a calm elder.

Coming to conclusion without listening was a habit, now I try to listen then conclude.

Earlier I used to have a fear of stage and now I love stage.

Earlier I wanted to escape now I seeks to grab.

Earlier I used to be a tester who used to find faults, now I am trying to become a Scrum Master (facilitator) who tries to resolve…

Really things have changed…I still remember that I used to think that, being aggressive or showing anger is my asset. But now I feel it’s the most idiotic asset one can have. You can put your point very easily when you are composed and calm.

You guys will think, how a company can help anyone to resolve such issues. And how you can excel in your career day by day. Then let me tell you this can happen if you have good mentors around you. Who are always there to guide you and keep telling you, where you have to improve and what you are doing well. But with that you also need to have a learning and self-analysis mode in you and if you are lacking in that then no mentor can help you in that.

How this exactly happened?

Answering to this question is not easy but I will try. Earlier I was not having anyone who will tell my faults and where I am going wrong and there I used to say myself you are doing well. No matter if I am doing wrong ;). When I joined this company at that time I was having a mindset which mostly every youngster has and which was to gain some knowledge and switch to newer one. But gradually things have started changing, as I was getting opportunities and I was somehow enjoying those.

But when you get big opportunities in very early phase of your career, there you tend to crumble or get broke due to added expectations. When you taste the feeling of success then expectations are bound to come. Same happened with me, I was started feeling as if there is nothing left for me to achieve and there is no fault in me where I have to work on. And now where I have to go I was not having any direction…

Then my mentor, Pritam Hasabnis came to rescue me. As he was knowing me and my colleagues way better than anyone at that time. There he started taking one-on-one meetings with not only me but with my colleagues as well. I can imagine, for you one-on-one’s are like those stereotypical meetings where the boss and the employee used sit in a closed room and where only the Boss is always right.

But these meetings were not like that, these were way too different. Where he used to give an opportunity to me first then he used to give some valuables suggestions. And if he is trying to convey my low’s then he used to put it like they look like my high’s with some corrective remedies around them..

Then after every 3 months we used to have these meetings. For those 3 months I used to work on my lows and keep strengthen my highs. Later I used to be so prepared for these one-on-one’s that during my turn itself I used to put most of the points which he has in his bag. As this exercise really helped me to do self-analysis to make sure that I know myself better than other.

Is this still continued…?

Not exactly, earlier we needed these one-on-one but now we have derived a company culture with its own set of core values which helps us to know where we have to improve and tries keep all of us under same umbrella.

Also we have introduced a concept of having our own personal blueprint with our aim for one year and a set of goals/activities which helps us to achieve our aim.Here mentor role will be to just guide or keep you on track with your goals as you are only monitoring yourself, considering you are true to yourself ;). Will write more in detail about this (How we derived this culture? What is this personal blueprint?) may be in my next write-up.

At last just want to say thanks to all those who were part of this journey and who somehow helped me to achieve where I am today…

If a company and its members are always there for you so that you go ahead and succeed in your life then i would give a gratitude to everyone by saying “This is not the end this is just the beginning of a new journey…”