Be the part of GAMING revolution — PLAYKEY — Decentralized Cloud Gaming Platform

*Revolution — “a sudden, complete or marked change in something”!

We can hear word revolution to often these days so it has become weak and lost its real meaning. I think from now on we should start using Playkey as a synonym for the word revolution, because that it really is — Revolution in gaming!

Just imagine all those kids suffering deeply and hating their parents so much for not having an appreciation for their gaming career and refusing to buy them that new extra expensive graphic card. Now with Playkey lot of young lives will be saved and they will grow up without having to go through years of psychotherapy and crying to their psychiatrist about how hard childhood they had and how they hate their parents deeply. Thank you for this Playkey.

So what is PlayKey really about?

In last 4 years, Playkey and its team of 45 professionals including developers, gaming strategists, testers and marketing experts became leading cloud gaming provider. Using their cloud platform gamers with cheap and old computers can play new top game titles. All they need to have is a good internet connection. The Playkey platform is becoming more and more popular in the gamers community so at this moment their 4 servers are being used by more than 1 500 000 gamers for over 7 500 000 gaming sessions played every month. You can check their game library to see that they are offering a big number of popular game titles from last 2 years. — This new way of gaming is around 10 times cheaper than the option of buying expensive gaming hardware. This is the main reason that cloud gaming is the future of gaming.

Leading the Revolution — Playkey

The Playkey team decided to go one step further and make cloud gaming decentralized — Connecting it with a blockchain. To make this possible PlayKey is collecting funds through ICO process that starts Novembre 1. They will introduce their PTK coin to the public as a new way of making payments on Playkey decentralized gaming platform. All investors interested in becoming part of this revolutionary idea can already join presale and get a special discount.

What is PKT Token?

PKT is an open source cryptographic token that will be used to buy and sell cloud gaming subscriptions and in the future new upcoming PlayKey products. Gamers will have the ability to buy PKT Tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges or on Playkey’s official website. Brought tokens will then be used to pay miners for usage of their computational capacities. With every transaction from a gamer to a miner, the Playkey Foundation will be receiving a revenue share. Mining PKT will be 2–3 times more efficient, stable and less risky than any altcoin mining. For more detail info about ICO, development and technical details please check PlayKey whitepaper:

In the PlayKey ecosystem, we have 3 parties and all of them will benefit from it.

  • GAMERS will save their money on expensive gaming hardware and have the possibility to play all new game titles.
  • MINERS will have the possibility to earn PKT tokens using the power of their computers.
  • GAME DEVELOPERS will have a huge number of new clients for their products.

The Playkey Foundation:

The main part of Playkey Ecosystem is going to be the PlayKey Foundation responsible for managing PlayKey company, producing rules in the ecosystem and making it fair and profitable for all users. The task of the Foundation will be also taking care of future development and negotiations with gaming publishers. The Playkey Foundation will fund R&D and infrastructure development, marketing and PR, and other global initiatives.

What is the size of the market for PlayKey?

As you may imagine, the gaming market is huge and fast growing. There are more than 2.2 billion gamers (1.5 PC gamers) in the World and gaming industry is worth 109 billion USD. And if we are looking just the part of the gaming market for Playkey than, based on the statistic of Steam users, there are more than 80% of them not able to play new PC titles at high resolution. From all of this, we could conclude that if Playkey team delivers all that they are promising then it is expected that they will become huge and highly profitable.


If you are wondering how competitive this market is then I must say that it is much less competitive than expected. Their main competitor is Nvidia with their “Geforce Now” offering a library with more than 50 PC games for their members and allowing Mac users to transform their Mac in gaming PC (Still in Beta). The other competitor in cloud gaming is LiquidSky allowing their users to play new game titles on any Windows or Android device. But competition is still on the cloud and there are no any announcements that they will do one step further and become decentralized like Playkey. So after ICO is done we can expect that Playkey will be the only ruler of decentralized gaming for some time.

PRESALE — September 26. — October 25.
SALE — November 1. — November 30.
PLATFORM — Ethereum
VALUE — 1 PKT / 0.009 ETH
NUMBER OF TOKENS — 100 000 000
SOFT CAP — 10 000 000 PKT
HARD CAP — 60 000 000 PKT
*All unsold tokens will be burned
**There are possible bonuses for presale buyers
***Team members and advisors have restrictions in selling their tokens.

This is one of the most promising projects I had a chance to examine in last few months. It is leaving an impression of pretty safe and profitable ICO especially for investors in presale phase. They already have a running business with a big number of clients/gamers, the team looks experienced enough and the market for their platform is really big. When we add to that the fact that Playkey is the only company on decentralized cloud gaming market then I think we have a real winner on our hands.

I would really like to know do you agree with my opinion about this ICO? Have I missed something important and are you planning to invest in Playkey? Tell me in the comments below and follow me for — DAILY ICO INFO!

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