PLAYKEY Will Save Me Thousands

Have you been playing PC games? If you have, you are probably in the same shoes as I am. I do not play games with the graphics option set at maximum, I play the latest games by turning down the graphics so that my gameplay does not lag. This is a common phenomenon with me and my gaming group. While we had bought an expensive setup to play our GTA and Doom, our PC is barely 2 years old but most of us can’t play our favorite titles at the best settings possible.

Doom on Steam

For my entire gaming career, I constantly need to upgrade my PC so that I can continue to enjoy my games and not get frustrated with the lag and poor graphics. But this is an expensive exercise as the upgrading never stop and requires frequent refresh. Once a year is probably the optimal frequency, any later and I will have to tune down the graphics. I hate having to play games at less than full settings but I hate spending so much money too. I must find a solution to this problem.

There has been great improvements in computing power for personal PC systems. My current setup is a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, Intel Core i7–6800K on a MSI X99A Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard. If you run the specs, this is probably a tens of thousands of times faster than my first 386 PC about 20 years back. But it is still unable to run my games at full FPS with all the bells and whistles switched on for the games of course.

We can see Grand Theft Auto. I ran it with all the features and extras turned on cos I prefer playing games with graphics option maxed out. There is no point playing a game if I got to scale back right? But with my setup, the fps is still not great. I can see some lag at times and performance drop intermittently. Another game that I play like the Hitman, which is not as fast paced and should be less taxing on my gaming setup, but with full settings, I can still see the dips in performance at times. These are all begging me to upgrade again.

But no matter how much I upgrade, this problem will come again in a year’s time as there will be newer games with upgraded features that will make my setup obsolete again. This is a race that I cannot win unless I am willing to throw loads of money at it. Do not get me wrong, there are plenty of games that a GTX 1080 with a i7 can handle at maximum settings but there are just that few games which you just “need” to play that is tempting you constantly to upgrade your system.

This is not a race I can win. Hence enter PlayKey. I have only discovered Playkey and I think it will save me from this endless arms race of GPUs, CPUs and Memory. PlayKey currently has a network of 120 Nvidia Grid powered servers that I can leverage to stream games to players like me. I would not have to constantly upgrade and can just rely on their network or cloud of gaming servers to process the intensive graphics and stream to me while I play. This is a life saver and I would not need to upgrade anymore.

PlayKey is also currently creating an ecosystem for cloud gaming and will be linking up independent owners of high end gaming computers into a cloud so that gamers can rent their processing power for game streaming. Owners of high end systems take the role of streaming gaming servers and rent out their computational capacities while gamers rent from the best servers to play their games. This is a revolutionary idea and I want to be part of this revolution.

PlayKey is going to be launching their ICO on 1st Nov and I will be participating in it. The idea itself is disruptive to the current gaming arm race and they already have a network of Nividia Grid which is operating successful. And with a huge percentage of gamers who are constantly behind in the race to upgrade their systems, a lot of gamers are likely to jump onboard as customers once they hear of PlayKey. Join this gaming revolution and play any games you so choose without being burden by the high costs of upgrading!


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