Speaking two of my lovess :)

There are a host of reasons I choose to live. Amongst them-quite a few- is experiencing transcendental moments. Of course, these moments breathe differently, they exude different shades of emotions; they effuse a plea to stay awhile, and sit with and in it.

Photographs are simulacrum vehicles of the transcendental- next to words, they come alive in an instant. The photograph possesses an omnipotency of being, that which speaks to you- sometimes they teach while other times just talk, chattering like that friend you love to listen to. Some photographs give the same sense of wonder like: when a song flits through the radio and you immediately seek for your Shazam app. I love it’s ability like every other art form to strike a nuanced evocation from it’s viewers, its classy demand to see, to witness it.

Discovery. Observation. Wonder. These are fuels of life.

I write about it today because I recently discovered the creator behind one of the photographs very dear to me. I’ve loved it for years, this one; the very first for its representation of my creed.

The Llama is me and who I want to be: a moving discoverer of life. I want to poke my head out to keep looking, keep searching, to stay interested.

Find, Find, Find.

I have a weird penchant for hairy and wooly mammals- sheep, goats, llamas, Koalas- so this tiny fact entangles to another tiny reason why this frame stays dear.

Inge Morath, in one photograph captures a variation of my Nirvana. I do not know if the subject has enough space in the car to stay put(quite unlikely) but it does not look like it is being forced or isn’t enjoying the trip. Lastly, if I am put in this frame, this is an infinite moment for me; one that will repeatedly play in my head long after the ride is done(in the same vintage-y frame), and will forever be in my mind’s treasure trove.

Hey! Look! I’m in the city!

Going on to the second , there are coincidentally two reasons I love it. One is that it is an astounding shot in form and perspective, there is an interesting play with pattern on the roof of the bridge(speaking from standing under). It also has a narrative, one that brings the nostalgia of reading in cupboards at night because the light under bed sheets would rat me out.

To the person I am right now, I wonder what it will be to be this man. I want to know him and learn his discipline. I want to know his courage. More than just the ever increasing difficulty to be focused in today’s fast paced world, it takes enormous courage to be alone.

This photograph speaks in a novel way of the phrase, however trite it is slammed as, that ever remains truth: solitude is bliss.

What do you know about independence ?

This photograph was taken by ‘Logor of Monochrome Lagos

What are your favorite photographs and why do you love them?

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