You Be the Judge

Funny how the weak call themselves 'strong’; how the morally impoverished call themselves 'rich’; how the 'tiny-minded' call themselves mighty and the 'coded cowards' address themselves as brave.

If you think you are strong based on the fact that you can brake bricks, bottles, bones or beat someone else to stupor then you need to arise from your self deception. Do you realize that the true test of strength is the test of character and not the demolishing of walls of concrete?

Do you honestly think that you are rich simply because you have a nice ride, live in a cool house and have more than enough to throw around? May I educate your ignorant views on this: No greedy man will ever be rich; no self centered being will ever be truly happy; no non-empathetic human will be ever be prosperous. It doesn't matter how much bucks you seem to command, if your money-source is not right, your life has not positive relevance to humanity and you lack godliness with contentment then you are indeed a miserable fellow; you just haven't figured it bout yet.

Are you quick to judge before you get the details, are you easily angered or short tempered, are you prone to unforgiveness and bitterness, do you device and strategize means and strategies for vengeance and evil big or small, do you lie or forge tales to save your neck, do you only relate with those considered to be within your social class and despise those without, do you live like there is no true judge in God? Well, you have a really small mind and you need to GROW UP!

The strongest of men are those who have mastered their own weaknesses, excesses and idiosyncrasies: they are in control of their moods and emotions.
If you have a short temper then you are under attack yet defenseless. "A person without self-control is as defenseless as a city with broken-down walls." Proverbs 25:28 NLT.

The genuinely wealthy are those who add contentment to godliness; and engage the virtues of diligence even as their lives emits true relevance. "Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid."
St. Matthew 5:14 KJV

The really courageous people are those who are neither afraid nor are they ashamed to stand alone in righteousness. They stand for what is RIGHT irrespective of the seeming prevalence of evil. They encourage and inspire courage in others by their unwaivering integrity, faithfulness and dexterity.

Haven said all that have been said: Are you strong; are you rich; are you accommodating; are you brave?
Again, it's your turn; you be the judge.

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