Girls Can. What Now?

I’m done defending #GirlsCanCode to people who couldn’t get over the title or were unable to deal with a TV format. My own gripes were something that I can’t really blame BBC3 for and that was the fact that the girls felt lost after filming ended.

What couldn’t be clearly portrayed in two fifty-minute segments was how much each of the girls had grown. It’s why I’m so proud of the journey they took and the balls they displayed in exposing themselves on TV. I warned them that they would come down from their high. I suggested that they would have to start thinking “so, what’s next?” as I wanted them to have the momentum to keep going, but it’s hard without mentorship and resources.

This also became evident on Twitter after the shows aired. My feed was inundated with people saying: “I’m inspired, where do I go from here?”

Good question. I’ve been turning over the same one in my mind since filming ended. So, with the help of some Hasslers taking a break from a busy day of sourcing cleaners in London and elsewhere, we pulled together a quick and dirty list of places to get started. We hope you find it useful.

**Updated 24/9 with more great resources courtesy of @nrstirzaker**

BBC Make it Digital Matchr

The BBC’s Matchr page is useful tool for discovering what job in tech you might be suited for.

BBC Make it Digital Partners and Resources

A further wealth of resources on coding, digital skills and supportive organisations and companies.

Learn from a book! Ruby on Rails is simple technology to learn. Simple as Rails is a predefined structure and Ruby is the language, with “plug-ins” you can crowd source from the community that allows you to benefit from others work that has gone before. The book is how my cofounders Jules and Tom taught themselves to code.

Makers Academy

Intensive 12-week coding bootcamp. Scholarships for women available.

Young Rewired State

Global community of digital makers. Free events, mentoring programs, hacking events and contact with peers.

BBC Make It Digital Traineeship

8 week BBC training program (including a 3 week work placement) that teaches young people digital skills.

Tech Future Careers

Soon-to-be-released careers page full of information about applying for jobs, apprenticeships and training roles the tech industry.

Open University Make It Digital

Open University articles, resources and free courses relating to technology and coding.


Consultancy that focuses on introducing empathy into businesses and is committed to helping women get into technology.


Organisation that aims to provide online networking opportunities for women in technology.


Organisation that links up women wanting to get into technology and engineering with female already in those fields.

Code Academy

Website for interactively learning coding skills and abilities. It’s responsible for launching the career of Sam Fellig, creator of crowdfunding site

Women in Technology

Jobs board targeted at roles for women.

Girls in Tech UK

An organisation that provides events and a mentoring programme that aims to help more women get into technology.

Founders Coders

A co-operative of web developers which runs the only free coding bootcamp in the UK.


Student run organisation aiming to increase female participation through fun initiatives.

Ladies Who Code Meetup Group

More advanced group that focuses on providing a community for female coders, but still open to those interested in learning to code!

Coder Dojo

Global organisation that provides programming clubs for young people


Consultancy that provides free digital training for young people in their accelerator programs and workshops.


Site providing online tutorials for web development.

Raspberry Pi Jams

Community events that focus on developing on the Raspberry Pi computer, a small system designed for people to explore programming.


Site that teaches coding and web development skills online.

Free Code Camp

Free site that helps organise events and teaches others how to learn simple programming tasks.