My bootcamp experience so far

The Andela Bootcamp is aimed to empower applicants to the Andela fellowship to work independently, learn fast as well as cooperatively in a team before acceptance into the Andela Fellopwship. Candidates with very high potential would be identified during this process

Day One: Within a very short time frame i learned how to write unit tests, how to use Git work flow and pivotal tracker. This were all new to me and I was surprised at the way I was able to understand them within a short time frame.

Day two: I was able to collaborate with a colleague to handle the tasks of the day. I also learnt about using sequelize ORM and read up on how to set up the server side of a web application. These are all new areas of learning to me and I hope I would be able to understand and implement them properly within this short time frame.

This experience so far has increased my drive to learn relentlessly. I now believe that with the right motivation I can learn anything.