My bootcamp experience so far(Day 3)

My experience in Andela bootcamp so far has been challenging mostly because most of the task we were asked to carry out were new to me. My approach to solving the challenges has been to check for resources online and properly study them and also to ask questions from my colleagues and my Learning Facilitator Assistant(LFA).

It has been difficult for me to meet up with the deadlines for submission for various reasons, one if which is because I didn’t plan my time properly. I find myself loosing track of time as I try to learn and implement new things. I’ve learnt from these and improved the way I plan my time in carrying out the tasks.

The feedback I have gotten so far on my output (expected tasks to be submitted for the day) has made me realize that there is always room for improvement. It is just the third day of the week but it seems longer, it is gradually becoming one of the longest week of my life.

Right now I have a major task to submit tomorrow and the clock is ticking! My experience continues and with each passing day my knowledge grows too. This is an opportunity that I am really grateful for.