Image Credit: Vadim Sherbakov

Technology: Crazy — Until Not.

This month, I was thinking about progress. And how quickly it happens from technology.

There are so many things that I can do today that seemed so surreal as a child. So I wanted to explore a few experiences with technology that felt crazy….until not.

(1) I can check the score of any sports game on a boat in the middle of a lake.

I was completely tethered to our family’s desktop when I needed to access the Internet. Everything was wired — modem, printer, keyboard, speakers. And a creaky router and dial-up meant waiting a good half hour to get up and running. But fast-forward two decades, I am unshackled! Wireless connectivity is so ubiquitous and available that now it feels weird to plug anything in. From WiFi to LTE data to Bluetooth, it’s amazing to think we can access any information we want without wires.

(2) I can instantly enjoy any album and movie from the last 80 years without leaving my bed.

I remember buying my first *NSYNC CD and listening to it on my own portable CD player! And then going to a Blockbuster and a Redbox to rent a VHS and a DVD. Now, I don’t even own anything — physical or even digital. With Spotify, Apple Music, Apple TV and Netflix, entire catalogues of music, movies and shows are available to stream — instantly and quickly. No downloads, no waiting. It changed the way I consume content.

(3) I can visit anywhere in the world and never worry about finding my way.

As a teenager, I felt very nervous about driving to new locations. Before going anywhere, I studied MapQuest religiously and printed paper maps. Now with my iPhone, I never have to prepare before leaving my place. I can even fly to an exotic country and still be able to navigate comfortably — read any sign, find any restaurant and get turn-by-turn directions that avoid traffic.

I have a huge passion for this space — technology has an amazing ability to permeate our lives so deeply and effectively that it makes crazy things normal.

Safe to say I’m very excited to see where the next decade of tech will take us!

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