The Gift.

A few weeks ago, I was having an off-day. Nothing major, but just feeling the heaviness of life’s little challenges. Every small issue added more and more weight to my shoulders.

Soon, questions started to fester in my head: Why did this happen to me? What did I do to deserve this? When would things be okay? The stress and the anxiety left me weary and tense.

And then I read something that touched me. It was a simple sentence: What if this was a gift?

The idea was that anything that happens to you in your day can be reframed. That problems and issues can be repainted with a softer, kinder brush. That a gift can be found if you are willing to look for it.

So the next day, I tried to apply this perspective: approach the tough stuff with quiet gratitude.

In practice, this was not easy. Your mind is a fierce opponent when you’re feeling down, and it takes a lot of strength to stand up to your thoughts.

But slowly, I found that answering this question gave me the anchor I needed. It allowed me to steady myself; and as the day went on, I felt a calm, forgiving peace starting to flow.

What helped me? Appreciating the small gifts the day gives to you. Perhaps the comforting warmth of the sun when you step outside; the savory taste of your first bite of dinner; or the light softness of your sheets as you slink under the covers.

So the next time a problem arrives at your doorstep, try to reach out and embrace it — there might be a gift waiting for you.