Home Beach- By Wreesh

Lament of the Conch

Though in the end there was a sign-
Alas, no meaning could I find

Forces foul brought us to end 
I tried, but could not comprehend 
Why alone, windswept I fell-
Into this docile, frosty hell

But you were there!
Only moments before-
Bathing in the sunlit morn

Sweet scents of devotion settled around 
I could never run aground

The sea I’d sail as your first mate
Until together we’d enter the Gates

But at the docks we sat to rot-
And now I see that you forgot

That in the bowls of our hull
Still burned the fuel of horizon hung gulls

Oh! What lands still opened before- 
Two pairs of wings set to explore? 
How now is our promised journey gone?
Where is the silk of your flesh at dawn?

I guess in short, I should have seen 
How in your eyes other fish did gleam.

But Alas, the signs I missed 
For I was sea-swept when we kissed.