Artwork by Wreesh ~ Feet by Momis ❤

Wet Wings

On the sand I found you, battered by the waves. 
A miracle destroyed by the fearsome Moon’s slave. 
But in my palm, though limp and languid, your beauty still did shine — 
So I sat to grieve your death while the surf sang of your life.

Of how you used to flit and float just outside his reach — 
And how he longed to hold you in a place beyond light’s breach. 
For such a lonely sea was enamored by your spirit. 
And if only he could touch you, he thought he might find respite.

I sat immobile to watch the droplets bead, 
On silken sails that had once flown free. 
And as the waves lapped at my thighs — 
I knew nothing justified this demise.

This spell was broken by a flutter so meek — 
I wept a salty stream down my pale, wind-crisped cheek.
For I realized you were better for whatever death brings, 
than grounded to Earth by wet wings.