Dear 4-play service provider,

I’m writing this because at the moment I’m so really frustrated by your attitude and the way you have handled the situation so amateurishly. This is the year 2015 and as a general rule of thumb, NO is NOT the right answer.

True, the fact that you don’t have much competition on this island meant that you could have got away with it.. Or at any rate, you thought you could. But I’m not your average customer with a natural distrust, fear even, of technology. So you didn’t. Shame on you:

To tell me that yes, you did originally make a mistake and yes, you gave me the impression I only had to pay X to terminate the contract prematurely (which I had agreed to), only to discover that no, I really had to pay twice the amount because, erm, you forgot to tell me about this absurd fee that you’ve come up with?

A fee which apparently cannot be waived unless.. UNLESS! Unless I just go into fuck-it mode and tell you I’m going to cancel not only the one contract, but all the services I currently buy from you! Then yes suddenly, as a gesture of ‘goodwill’ you are ready to waive off the measly fee if only I keep the rest of the services.

Well, no. That’s not how it goes. Starting tonight I will be switching my services to THEM. No not them, fuck that. Those are just as bad as you are, if not worse. Nope, I’ll be switching to the guys who can offer me modern 4G connectivity for all my requirements, and it will actually cost me a lot less than I currently spend on you guys.

Frankly guys, you screwed up. This was the worst customer retention exercise I ever dealt with in my life. It’s pathetic. Really, that’s how bad it is. My guess is that I should be telling this to the Manager of Customer Care, true, but.. then again.. why should I?

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